Bridging the Gap Between Challenges and Solutions in the Built Environment

Housing and the built environment are not only critical to the health, safety and livability of the province but also play a significant role in meeting Canada’s Climate Change goals.

Read this newly released report for a snapshot of roadmaps, guidance, standards and building codes in use in the built environment sector in BC. The report also provides a strategic overview of the path to the targets for 2030-2050, and identifies areas where the industry would benefit from further support in order to achieve the targets.

About the Roadmap Landscape Series

CORE Cleantech Cluster and Foresight are producing a series of roadmap landscapes in the six sectors of CORE’s focus. The intent is to provide a snapshot of the roadmaps that exist in each, and how they are being used.

This will help identify gaps in the required elements, as well as places where roadmaps either don’t exist or are insufficient to achieve the government’s targets.


  • Introduction
  • The Roadmap Matrix
  • Observations
  • Recommendations
Built Environment